Why having a Bitcoin ATM can increase your business revenue?

Perks to having a Bitcoin ATM in your business.

Easy, free and profitable.

As it is well known, cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and the number of people of all ages that use them every day keeps increasing. Every day there are more and more Bitcoin ATMs in the world, and they are becoming crypto users’ most powerful tool.

An average Bitcoin ATM can see over 70 people per day, because of this, having one could be translated into a meaningful increase in your business’ foot traffic, giving you the chance not only to involve yourself in the innovative world of cryptocurrencies, but also to generate foot traffic of potential customers for your business.

To all of this, we can add that EasyBit offers locations’ owners 1% of the ATM’s gross profits, which means the owner of the location will have, for free, an element to draw people to their business and will be receiving a monthly percentage from EasyBit in exchange.

The opportunity is in your hands, pick one of our models.

Get your own!


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