New launches in Espacio Bitcoin Argentina!

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EasyBit launches its second Bitcoin ATM in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the cryptocurrency center EspacioBitcoin, located in Marcelo T. de alvear Avenue. This launch was also accompanied by an explanatory speaking regarding cryptocurrencies and their use, just as a demonstration of the ATM, which was also put together from a vintage arcade machine by entrepreneurs Santiago Molins and Dany Alos in active collaboration with EasyBit, making this EasyBit’s second ATM to be launched and showcased in the last month.
The idea of building an ATM using a restored arcade machine as base, and using the DAVE software,is without a doubt a characteristic touch that shows the flexibility of the technology and cryptocurrency world.
This ATMs are for both commercial and educational means, counting with EasyBit’s support, fulfilling our mission and vision to take the future, hand in hand with bitcoin, to every corner in the world.

New launches in Argentina!

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October 12th was the day for EasyBit’s newest launch, a Bitcoin ATM in the capital city of Argentina, the South American country with the biggest surge in cryptocurrency at this day. This launch specifically took place in the AntiDomingo Restaurant, located in Saavedra, a place where you can go with your entire family and enjoy good food and live music, famous for being one of the first businesses to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.
The launch counted with the presence of a Bitcoin experts panel, who all shared their feedback and experiences to the attending crowd, which was able to enjoy a showcase of the Bitcoin ATM’s use.
The launching of this ATM comes with an educational purpose, in order to promote the use of cryptocurrency in a secure and reliable way, always counting with the support and help of EasyBit.
This wonderful model was put together from an old arcade machine, restored by entrepreneurs Santiago Molins and Dany Alos who in a conjoined effort, with EasyBit’s sponsorship, came out with an interesting, unique-looking ATM, thus showing that cryptocurrencies are at the vanguard.

New location!, Alpha Smoke Shop LaGrange.

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With another 2 ATMs in Alpha Smoke Shops (Rome and Alpharetta), EasyBit has become Georgia’s favorite Bitcoin ATM company.
This time we introduce another new location, also belonging to an Alpha Smoke, located in their LaGrange shop, a nice place for smoke shops lovers and now for bitcoin users as well.
You can find us at
133 Bull St, LaGrange, GA 30240
The shop is open everyday!
from 11am – 7pm