How to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM

There’s a good share of sites offering detailed maps with businesses that have our ATMs in them, in this post we’ll offer a detailed list so you can have all of our locations’ addresses always on hand.

For those who are still not familiar with the locations we have in their area, we have a detailed list of places with very useful maps to help you reach each of our ATMs in the country with no problem.

EasyBit Website
Our website is without a doubt one of the best places you can access to know not only the exact address of each of our locations but also their working hours and the type of ATM at the location.

See our locations list by clicking on this link

Our website counts with a very useful map provided by Google where you will be able to see in detail the address of each location, as well as a full listing of our locations in the rest of the country and the world, which is updated on a daily basis. You will also find in the lower right corner of the screen a live chat where you will be able to get live and direct help from our support team in regards to any question related to our ATMs.

This site offers an extensive listing of cryptocurrency friendly places, in which our ATMs are listed, along with all the information you need to get to the location.

Visit airbitz and look at the options it offers for cryptocurrency users in the world.

One of the best and most well-known sites, with a huge amount of data on cryptocurrency ATMs and cryptocurrency accepting places in the world. In here you can easily find our locations by just entering your zipcode in the site’s search bar. This site will not only show you addresses and working hours, but also the ATM’s status and other users’ reviews about it.


Coinmap counts with a fairly simple and practical map where you can locate places that take cryptocurrency as payment and bitcoin ATMs in the country. Each location has detailed information about the address and working hours.

Coin ATM Finder
Offering a similar interface to CoinATMRadar, this site displays a map and information on cryptocurrency ATMs, all you have to do is enter your zipcode, city or state, and it will show you a listing which is easy on the eye and visually comfortable with what you’re looking for.


Google Maps
Even though it may seem like the most obvious choice, since “Google knows everything”, it’s valid to remember this valuable tool, since it’s one of the most complete. In it, you will be able to find both exact addresses for each location and the most convenient route to get to it, as well as your estimated arrival time.

Apple Maps
Although its specific usage is not to help us find bitcoin ATMs or cryptocurrency related places, Apple Maps performs very well at helping us find different types of places and EasyBit is included in their listings, so it’s also an option worth trying and adding to your list of maps.

This is another site which is not specifically made to find places, but to read reviews on them, however, we’ve managed to include ourselves in Yelp, so users can, if they so decide, search for us and leave us their comments.

There’s no doubt that the cryptocurrency world is in constant growth, and with it, also are the tools to reach them in a more practical way. This is why we invite you to leave us your comments about which one is most useful to you, or in case you know any other tool that we didn’t mention in the above list.

We remind you that you can call us to our support line, write to our e-mail, or simply reach out to us on any of our social media to ask about anything you’d like to know about our ATMs, or leave us a comment or suggestion.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]