First Bitcoin ATM in Chile, an accomplishment by EasyBit and BTChile.

The night of this December 13th took place the public launching of the FIRST Bitcoin ATM in Chile, which features a powerful DAVE software, and was put together piece by piece using a vintage arcade videogame machine as base, which makes this project even more interesting by showing that when it comes to Bitcoin, there are very few limitations. In this machine, users can count on a friendly, practical and dynamic interface, as it is usual on EasyBit’s ATMs all over the world, and offers the options for buying and selling bitcoin.

This comes as quite an innovation for the Chilean public, who attended the launch during CryptoNight, a gathering organized by Asociacion Bitcoin Chile, with the intention of bringing the most recent innovations about cryptocurrencies to the most demanding customers.

The launch enjoyed the presence of the Asociacion’s President and coverage from the country’s communication media.

EasyBit and Asociacion Bitcoin Chile, bringing together the vanguard of Bitcoin in Chile.