Hosting an EasyBit ATM

Earn monthly revenue & foot traffic!

Increase Foot Traffic

EasyBit ATMs are posted on a network on websites that allow for Bitcoin customers to find the ATM closest to them. This network of customers also translates to a greater notoriety for your business.

Support BTC Locally

Having a local Bitcoin ATM greatly improves Bitcoin adoption in a local community. Many locations find nearby businesses start accepting Bitcoin for their goods and services. Some even accept Bitcoin themselves.

Earn Extra Revenue

EasyBit compensates locations that host a Bitcoin ATM generously. Most locations earn at least $100/month for simply having one of our machines take up 2×2 feet of space at their location.

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Who the heck is EasyBit?


EasyBit is the world premier Bitcoin ATM company with nearly 50 machines in operation in over 10 countries. We provide a safe, easy to use, quick, and compliant way to buy and sell bitcoin through our digital currency kiosks.


Our first bitcoin ATM was at Warie’s Thai Restaurant in Amsterdam. We are a small company built for the bitcoin community by bitcoin enthusiasts. We were founded in December of 2013.


We work with both BitAccess and GenesisCoin bitcoin ATM manufacturers in order to provide our operating partners and customers with the highest quality, fastest, and easiest use bitcoin ATMs in the world.

BTC ATM in Dallas by EasyBit
LCD Display
Bill Acceptor
Cash Dispenser