EasyBit was the first Bitcoin ATM operator and has been in business since 2013. We provide turnkey solutions for those interested in hosting a Bitcoin ATM machine. We provide delivery, setup, maintenance, service, and advertise the Bitcoin ATM.  All hosting locations need to have at least 3 sq. ft of space for the Bitcoin ATM machine and either wifi or an ethernet cable to get online.  It's that simple.

Increased Foot Traffic

Typical Bitcoin ATM transactions take a few minutes and give our customers a chance to potentially become your customers. Bitcoin ATM users will also sometimes drive from hours away just to use your Bitcoin ATM machine, if they do not have one located in their vicinity.

Free Advertising

EasyBit Bitcoin ATM locations are advertised on many bitcoin-related websites which allows for the Bitcoin community to find out about and discover your business. We are also frequently mentioned in the media, which again benefits and brings awareness to your business location, as more people see you advertised on our website.

Be part of the Bitcoin community

Having a Bitcoin ATM greatly improves Bitcoin adoption in your local community. Many Bitcoin ATM hosting locations find that neighboring businesses will start accepting Bitcoin for their own goods and services. Some of our hosting locations will even start accepting Bitcoin themselves.


EasyBit generously compensates locations that qualify to host one of our Bitcoin ATM machines.  All hosting locations earn 10% of the profits, simply for placing one of our Bitcoin ATM machines at their business location.

Who is EasyBit?

EasyBit is one of the longest established and most well known Bitcoin ATM operators in the world.  Our Bitcoin ATM machines provide a secure, easy, quick, and compliant way to buy and sell cryptocurrency. We work with the largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturers in the world to provide the highest quality Bitcoin ATM machines to our customers. We also have great long standing relationships with the financial institutions we work with, which is key to running a successful Bitcoin ATM operation.    

If you are interested in hosting a bitcoin ATM

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