How to host a Bitcoin ATM at your business.

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Hosting an ATM is very easy

Here in EasyBit, we’re interested in helping your business grow, hand in hand with us, we will now leave you with a series of simple steps you can follow to request one of our ATMs

We have a great deal of attention channels for our customers, locations and future partners:

Social Media:
Instagram: @EasyBitATM

There is a contact form in our website that you can fill out and send us, your request will be answered in 2 days tops. You can also write to our support chat, also in our website, and we will immediately answer any doubt or question you might have.

Conventional Support Channels:
Support email: [email protected]
Phone number: +1 (303) 219-1680

Note: Be specific about the type of business you have, working hours of it, address and a contact phone number for the owner and for the business, as well as an email through which we can reach to send the agreement that must be signed.

Wait for our answer.
Our team usually processes every request immediately. You will receive a call and an email informing you about the hosting plans we have for you.

Sign the agreement.
Once the request is successfully processed, we will send you a legally binding agreement, which can be digitally signed.

Receive our ATM.
Our ATM will be shipped and we will notify you of every part of the progress, as well as send you the tracking information of the shipment.

Start receiving customers at your business.
Once the ATM is set up, your business will start receiving customers, and you will be generating, with little effort and for no cost whatsoever, the earnings offered in the contract.

It is very easy, and a completely transparent process, our agents will be available through every channel previously mentioned, to answer any question.
If you wish to know the advantages that having one of our ATMs can bring you, we invite you to click on this link:

In there, we explain in detail why you should have a Bitcoin ATM at your business.

What are you waiting for?
Contact us and start being a part of the future!