ATM Technical Specifications

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Bit Access machines

2 ways atm (you can sell or buy bitcoins)

Sizes: Height = 58″ (without top plate) Width = 22″ Depth = 22″

Genesis machines

Satoshi 1 (1 way, you can only buy bitcoins)

Sizes: Height = 65” Width = 18” Depth = 23” Weight: 285lbs

  • Genesis 1 (2 ways)

Sizes: Height = 56” Width = 30” Depth = 24” Weight: 400lbs

Genesis Servicing Guide

GenesisCoin Satoshi1, Satoshi2, and Genesis Machine Service Guide

Servicing a GensisCoin Bitcoin ATM is easy.

  • Put the machine in maintenance mode. This is done by entering the maintenance mode code into the keypad while the machine is on the home screen.
  • Start by opening the lock in the middle of the machine.
  • Open the lock on the safe as well.
  • Clean camera if necessary.
  • Empty the bill feeder.
  • Tell the machine that the bill feeder has been emptied.
  • Restock the dispenser if necessary. Please note that the machine cannot tell what denomination of bill you have put in each cash drawer. Usually, we make cash drawer #1 for $20 bills, and cash drawer #2 (the lower cash drawer) for $50 or $100 bills.
  • Tell the machine what was restocked.
  • Exit maintenance mode