If it becomes necessary to change phone numbers, please just continue to the machine with your new phone and re-enroll. It is necessary to contact EasyBit support process this.


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If a customer changes their phone #, all we need to do is create a new customer on the system and link his two phone #s and have them share the same customer ID. Customers have accounts and are assigned unique IDs at our ATMs, the two accounts can be linked so that if they scan the same ID it won’t flag them as fraud. Inside the customer profile page, we can generate a Unique identifier for one account, then we copy paste it into the other.

Attached you can see, on “new customer.jpg”, it has instructions on how to create a new profile on our ATMs (you only need the phone #) and then on “customer profile ID.jpg”, also attached here, you can see how to go about generating a new ID and pasting it into the new profile.

To be more clear: Phone numbers are like usernames in the machines, it doesn’t matter if the customer has a new phone #, it would just send a code to the new phone the machine doesn’t know it’s the same person unless he scans the same ID between the two accounts in which case he will be flagged and you would have to approve them if we don’t do the aforementioned steps.


Alternatively, sometimes customers change their phone # and proceed to create another profile at the ATM themselves, in these cases we receive a notification via Slack (on alert-genesis-compliance channel), we can just check whether the pictures of the customer seem like the same person and approve them ourselves, then follow the last picture above to link both the accounts to the same customer ID so they don’t need to resubmit their ID.

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July 14, 2018

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If it becomes necessary to change phone numbers, please just continue to the machine with your new phone and re-enroll. It is necessary to contact EasyBit […]
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