Connecting a GenesisCoin Machine to the Internet

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USB Keyboard and mouse are needed!

Okay, so after deploying a machine and setting it up physically and getting everything ready, we need to turn it on, you’ll be met by the following screen:

You have to press the start key on your keyboard (it can say START or have a Windows logo in it) and the taskbar will come up, as seen in the picture above.

1.- Once you press it, the start menu will come up.
2.- Search for “Control Panel” in the darker right side of the start menu.

If you see the top right, in green, most PC’s have this in “Category” view which is a little longer of a process, make sure it is on either Large or Small icons before proceeding.
1.- double click to open “Network and Sharing Center

1.- Click on “Connect to a Network” and then
2.- Select from the list that will pop up from the top right the location’s own WiFi connection.

Once you click it, make sure to check the tick to the left to make it “Connect automatically
-Click on connect and you’ll be asked to enter the password, enter the location’s WiFi password and you’re set! 🙂