How to sell bitcoins at an EasyBit ATM to get cash

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How to sell bitcoins for the first time at an EasyBit ATM?

  • Choose language > Press “Start” > Enter mobile number > Receive the validation code on your smartphone and enter it > Select “Withdraw” > Choose the amount of cash you would like to withdraw > A QR code will appear, you have to scan it using your bitcoin wallet and send the exact amount of bitcoins displayed on the screen. Be sure to enter the amount in bitcoins instead of dollars, if you end up sending less, your transaction will not go through until you send the remainder > After your transaction gains a confirmation in the Blockchain network, you will receive a redemption code. This usually takes a couple of minutes, but it can take longer sometimes, it depends on the volume of transactions in the Blockchain network and we hold no control over it, so there’s nothing we can do to speed transactions up > Go up to the ATM again and select “Redeem” > Enter your redemption code > Withdraw your cash.

Here’s a short video showing how to sell bitcoins at our ATMs (this video is for a Genesis ATM).