Selling Bitcoins (Exchange for cash)

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How can I exchange my bitcoins for cash using an EasyBit ATM?

Choose language > Press “Start” > Enter a mobile number > Receive the validation code on your smartphone and enter it > Select “Withdraw money” > Choose the amount of cash that you want to receive > You will have to send the bitcoins from your wallet app.

Choose “Send bitcoins” (or the equivalent in the app you use), and when prompted to enter a bitcoin address, choose to scan a QR code > Scan the QR code shown on the ATM screen and send the exact amount of bitcoins required for the transaction > After your transaction gains one confirmation on the blockchain, you will receive a redemption code via SMS > On the ATM’s home screen, choose the “Redeem” option > Enter your redemption code > Receive cash.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t send the exact amount of bitcoins required by the ATM you will not receive a redemption code and will not be able to redeem your cash.