Loading bitcoins on your backpage account

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So in order to load your back page account with some bitcoins, first you want to go to www.backpage.com, and then follow the pictures below:

• Select “Post AD”

• Click on the Hamburger menu on the top left

• Select “My Account” and log in to your back page account.

• Select the hamburger menu, again.

• Select “Buy Credits”

• Click on the one that says “Bitcoin”

• Select “bitcoin”

• Here is up to you. You can A, create an invoice in which you tell back page how much you’re going to send beforehand OR, B, select “Deposit”, Deposit will let you send as much money as you’d like and use the leftovers for future ADs.

• Click on Generate QR code.

•There are two options here, again, you can copy the public address above and paste it on your wallet in the “send” menu.

OR, on the phone app, when you hit SEND FUNDS on your wallet you’re taken to the CAMERA, with the camera on, scan the QR code on screen to send funds to your backpage account.