Machine specifications:

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We currently offer three different machines to be hosted by our locations, the far majority of our machines are Genesiscoin units, which can be broken down in the following way:

Genesiscoin units:

  • Genesis1: This is the more robust / bigger units, they’re always bi-directional. 
    • We don’t frequently use these any longer due to their size.
    • These machines are more secure, featuring a heavy duty safe.
    • Highest capacity of all the machines we offer.

Dimensions: H = 56” W = 30” D = 24”
Weight: 400lbs

  • Satoshi 1 / Satoshi 2: This is a more slim unit, as reliable as the Genesis1 but can be either one-way (Satoshi1) or bi-directional (Satoshi2), the way this happens is a cash dispenser is added to a one-way unit and then it becomes bi-directional.
    • Satoshi2’s are the standard machine that EasyBit deploys.

Dimensions: H = 65” W = 18” D = 23”
Weight: 285lbs

SLIM-GK-1500 Universal Dimension

NV800 units:

  • The NV800 is a cash recycler, allowing for the same notes that are accepted to also be dispensed.
    • The intent is to cut down cash servicing frequency, but due to a higher failure rate (jams, etc), these machines end up needing to be serviced more frequently than Genesis machines.
  • Some of the NV800 machines come from BitAccess while others come from a variety of failed Bitcoin ATM companies.
  • These units are deployed more frequently in the international markets than in the US markets.

Dimensions: H = 58″ W = 22″ D = 22“