The Acceptance of BitCoins

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Currently, there are 7,540 brick and mortar locations and over 100,000 online retailers that accept bitcoins for their products and services. These numbers continue to grow and you can keep tabs on who is accepting bitcoins in your neighborhood by visiting (just brick & mortar locations) or for a more comprehensive look at bitcoin-accepting merchants visit

There are also a great deal of companies that take bitcoins as online payments for their services, such as airlines and booking sites.
Below you will find a comprehensive list of some of the top sites and places where you can put your bitcoins to good use:

  • CheapAir: You can buy cheap flight tickets using bitcoins in this site. They have been accepting bitcoins since 2013, and this year they also started accepting Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin as a form of payment.
  • SurfAir: Another airline which accepts bitcoin as a form of payment since November 2017. They also accept Ethereum.
  • Overstock: An internet retailer where you can buy home decor, furniture, bedding, and many other goods. They started taking bitcoin as a form of payment starting on January 9, 2014, thus becaming the first major retailer to do so.
  •  Sharps Pixley: Buy, store and trade precious metals using bitcoins with this company. They started taking bitcoins in September 2017, seeking to “bridge the gap between the world’s oldest currency, and its newest”.
  • APMEX: One of the world’s largest online gold dealers started taking bitcoins in December, 2017. In order to boost the usage of bitcoin as a form of payment, they’re also offering a small discount for people who decide to use it.
  • JM Bullion: Another gold dealing company which started taking bitcoins as a form of payment since early 2016, also offering a 4% discount to those who decide to use the cryptocurrency to pay for their precious metal.
  • PizzaForCoins: Yes, you can also buy food using bitcoins. This company started out in February, 2013, making them some of the first companies to take bitcoins as a form of payment. Their concept is simple, get a pizza delivered to your house (depending on where you’re located), and pay using bitcoins.