Waiting time of the Transaction of Bitcoins

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Once you complete your transaction, your bitcoins are sent instantly to your wallet, so they should arrive in about 15 minutes.

If after that time you haven’t received your bitcoins then one of the following things can be happening:

  1. Transactions under $100 get batched together with other smaller purchases, which sometimes means they may take around 60 minutes to be reflected in your wallet.
  2. A lot of times the wallet you’re using simply needs to be refreshed! Just close the application on your phone, wait a minute, and then open it back up.
  3. Some wallets don’t show transactions until they are confirmed on blockchain, which is why we say that we’ll send it out instantly but you may not see it right away. You can always check your transaction on blockchain.info or blockcypher.com. Take your wallet address and use it to search for your transaction.
  4. If there’s a separate problem, or if the transaction is not showing up on the Blockchain even after waiting for a period of time, then give us a call at (303) 219-1680 or send us an email to [email protected] and our Customer Support team can take a look for you!