New launches in Espacio Bitcoin Argentina!

EasyBit launches its second Bitcoin ATM in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the cryptocurrency center EspacioBitcoin, located at Marcelo T. de Alvear Avenue. This launch was also accompanied by an explanatory speaking regarding cryptocurrencies and their use, just as a demonstration of the ATM, which was also put together from a vintage arcade machine by entrepreneurs Santiago Molins and Dany Alos in active collaboration with EasyBit, making this EasyBit’s second ATM to be launched and showcased in the last month.

The idea of building an ATM using a restored arcade machine as base, and using the DAVE software, is without a doubt a characteristic touch that shows the flexibility of the technology and cryptocurrency world.

This ATMs are for both commercial and educational means, counting with EasyBit’s support, fulfilling our mission and vision to take the future, hand in hand with bitcoin, to every corner in the world.

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